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A Message From Coach Mac:

Sections in The Quarterback Club

The Journey

The Journey is a high school QB series where you get to learn from some of the best as they teach how to throw their favorite routes and explain how they've achieved success on their journey.

The QB Breakdown

The Quarterback Breakdown will teach you how to beat every defense, every time in an iPad whiteboard series. The videos will give you the skills to shred the defense and score more. 

The Toolkit

The Toolkit is a series of training drills that will enhance your throwing, footwork, strength and athleticism. They are designed to be watched in the app on your phone when you practice.

Exceptional Leadership

This section will teach you the universal principles to becoming an exceptional leader. Leadership is the number one trait that coaches look for in choosing their starting QB.

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You Get One Shot

Your son has ONE quarterback journey. Wrong turns are dead ends. Quarterback.io is your guide to his success. And the QB Club is where you start for FREE. Receive quarterback training now.

"My son Jake has made great strides in footwork, throwing mechanics and his understanding of defenses and proper reads has really boosted his confidence. Jake was just named QB MVP at the Next Level Combine despite being a Freshman competing with over 2 dozen upperclassmen QB’s. That is a direct result of the hard work put in with Coach Mac and Quarterback.io!"

Ray Lewis
Father of Freshman QB, Jake

Your Son Has a Short Window to Become a Winning Quarterback

And you have a short window to be by his side.

- Join Thousands of Parents & Coaches Like You

- Reinforce Your Leadership Message with Professional Coaching

- Guidance from professional quarterback coach and experienced father

What You Need to Do

Join the Club

Get the map, training, and support to confidently guide your son.

Do the Work

Spend quality time with your son putting in quality reps.

Enjoy the Ride

You be in your son's corner, and we'll be here in yours.

Attend the Camp

Join a weekend camp or QB Leader Academy when you're ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Quarterback Club is a totally free, totally valuable online membership giving you access to quarterback coaching videos and a clear plans for helping your quarterback improve. 

No catch. I believe two fundamental things:
1. QB mechanics and drills can be learned anywhere. They are also 95% the same. The value I provide you is not in "what" I know and can sell you. I believe the difference is in "how" you train, and how you approach the mental and leadership part of the QB journey that makes the difference.
2. I believe my time is valuable. So I reserve that time to spend with the most serious clients. I do this through premium prices. But I also want to influence as many quarterbacks as possible. The QB Club allows me to give away the best stuff I teach for free. 

60+ quarterback training videos. Learn from starting high school QBs in The Journey. Perfect your mechanics using The Toolkit. Upgrade your leadership and learn to shred any defense, everytime.

Perfect. The Quarterback Club is designed to supplement and accelerate your onfield training. All quarterback techniques we teach are universal and apply to any quarterback, any offensive system. 
And anytime you get a slightly different approach to learning, you get new ways to think about things. You also get to understand WHY the technique works, so you can adapt to the style that makes you most successful. 

Some coaches can be possessive of "their" players. That's not how we roll. We want you to be successful, and get as much good coaching as possible. 

The QB Club is for parents, coaches, and quarterbacks who want a clear path and expert guide to help them on their Quarterback Journey. 

You may be a parent, a coach, a young quarterback, or an international quarterback looking to cut through the noise and the endless, random YouTube videos and get a clear path to your success. 

One more important thing: it's for those that are willing to add the work required to get better and those that are self-driven to compete.

There will be opportunities for that in 2021. It will be for the most serious of Quarterbacks and priced accordingly.

For now, we recommend you join the free Quarterback Club, get out on the field and put in the work. Keep scoring!

QB mechanics and drills can be learned anywhere. They are also 95% the same. The value I provide you is not in "what" I know and can sell you. I believe the difference is in "how" you train, and how you approach the mental and leadership part of the QB journey that makes the difference. 

The content in the Quarterback Club is designed solely to help you on your journey, wherever you are in your skills and development. 

This isn't about me. It's about you and where you want to go as a QB.

I want to help you get there faster.

I'm not for my sons either!

Let me be coach. You be dad.

Together, we'll help your son grow so he can start, score, and win more. And you get to spend more time with him at this awesome time of his life and your relationship.

Free Quarterback Guide

The "Dominant Quarterback" Guide provides 5 tips for more trips to the endzone.



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